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At Indigo we are flexible.We provide tailored pro-active support packages and consultancy advice for your particular or even peculiar IT requirements.

We understand that every customer in the SME space is different; it is a matter of piecing together the right mix of technology and vendors to meet the business computing requirements within a realistic budget.

We have the qualifications and experience you can trust to ensure our solutions are based on proven technology to ensure long term success.

IT Managed Services

24/7 Pro-active support agreement

Have the core of your entire IT environment monitored 24/7, 365 days a year. Indigo's consultants can identify and fix many issues pro-actively before they cause interruption to your business. Roll this into our monthly fixed price service plan with monthly onsite visits and achieve true IT piece of mind.

Specialist IT project services

Got a complex server, networking or storage project at hand that requires analysis, estimation and implementation? Indigo's project services include fixed price quotes, managed delivery schedules, outage planning and post implementation support services.

Microsoft software licensing and compliance

Discuss the best Microsoft licensing approach with a qualified and experienced Indigo consultant. Microsoft offer a large range of licensing options from 3 year annual payment options to low capital subscription based licensing. Discuss the benefits of Software Assurance such as Microsoft eLearning training for your staff and maintenance of up to date Microsoft software.

Servers, PCs, printers, networking hardware reseller

Indigo is a reseller of trusted vendors such as HP, Dell, IBM, Toshiba, Cisco and Netgear, and supplies all computer hardware and licensing at competitive prices. Importantly, we support everything we supply in a way that minimises downtime and your total cost of ownership.

Move into the Cloud
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IT Solutions Consultancy

Cloud computing

Understand how to migrate to Office 365 and hosted server infrastructure to provide a return on investment. Unlock the benefits and avoid the pitfalls; have an experienced Indigo consultant analyse your business requirements to ensure a well planned, successful implementation of cloud technology.

Disaster recovery planning

Bring technology into your business continuity plan by discussing IT disaster recovery with an experienced Indigo consultant. Solutions range from automated offsite image backup and restore to automated hot-spare and fail over data centres.

Network and email security

Discuss a security audit or design of your network security with an experienced Indigo consultant. Email threats are the number 1 method of virus infection in businesses so ensure your system is robust with Indigo's state of the art anti-spam systems for your staff.

System audits and overhauls

Need to understand what is really going on in your network? Paying for an IT system that is totally inappropriate for your business needs? Indigo can provide a technology audit that delivers a new insight into your IT infrastructure and a balanced perspective on how it should be set up and maintained.

INSIGHT: Can Cloud Computing truely add value to my business?

Realise the benefits of flexibility, availability and security

Cloud computing overview

In all likelihood you have been using cloud computing for some time already; e.g. Hotmail, Facebook and online banking are cloud based computing software.

Nowadays however, there are many more business grade solutions available in regards to online services in a pay-as-you-go model.

Indigo is a Telstra T-Suite cloud computing partner, able to provide IaaS and Office 365 advice, implementation and project services to ensure the best return on your cloud investment.

Our customers benefit from secure cloud services from the office, at home or in the field using desktops, laptops and smartphones. Watch the video on Telstra cloud for more detail.

Cloud Computing Solutions From Indigo

Choose from the Cloud options below

The future of business applications

Software as a service (or SaaS) is a way of delivering applications over the Internet - as a scalable service. Instead of installing and maintaining software, you simply access it via the Internet (or "cloud").

SaaS applications are sometimes called Web-based software, on-demand software, or hosted software.

cloud computing benefits

Telstra T-Suite Specialists

telstra t-suite

T-Suite is a new SaaS platform from Telstra helping businesses with cloud technology such as Office 365 and Utility Server Hosting.

T-Suite eliminates the high up front costs of software licenses and simplifies ongoing maintenance and support of the core software and hardware within your business.

Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS)

Infrastructure as a service (or IaaS) is a method of leasing and utilising a secure cloud based server to install and deliver your own business applications and data.

This environment places management of the underlying hardware, network and data centre to the cloud provider, while we manage the operating system, applications and business data on the server.

cloud computing benefits

IaaS Options / Service

The IaaS servers are available in a shared VPS or dedicated hardware environment. Indigo maintains a list of preferred IaaS suppliers, such as Windows Azure, Intervolve's VPS, and Telstra's Utility and Dedicated server hosting.

Indigo works with your business to ensure the service agreement and server resources are in line with the project objectives.

Platform-as-a-service (PaaS)

Platform as a service (or PaaS) is a method of utilising an online software platform stack to build your own applications, instead of building your own hardware, operating systems and services internally. The PaaS provider manages the hardware, network, data centre storage and system services, allowing application developers to focus on development with easy scalability.

PaaS Options / Service

Salesforce and AppScale are examples of common PaaS systems used today. If you have requirements for building dynamic online applications then PaaS could be a great solution for you.

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